• Image of Archivist - Construct 2LP

From Halo Of Flies, US

"To make a concept album is ambitious. To continue the same concept on your second album is something else again. But that is exactly what Archivist have done on Construct, the six-piece’s far-reaching 10-track odyssey of atmospheric post-metal.

The concept, which was begun on their self-titled debut is based around the viewpoint of a sole survivor on earth following a massive ecological disaster. So far so dystopian. Set that to squalls of blackened guitar, post-hardcore barks and blast beats and it gets even darker. But then stunning shimmers of major-key riffage shine through and some clean vocals break through the storm, giving the listener pause for thought.

Make no mistake, there are some genuinely gorgeous moments in this album, which has been available in digital form since February, but has only just been given a vinyl release. Such as the cleansing slabs of icy guitar which permeate ‘Lamenting Configuration’. Or the lovely layerings of guitars which are the basis of ‘Birth of Ire’. Or the majestic, towering chords that build and build until the listener is doing all they can to refrain from stretching their arms out in exaltation on ‘Property?’. The latter song is by far the highlight of the album, if melodic, atmospheric, black-tinged metal is your thing." - Echoes And Dust