• Image of Rwake - A Stone, A Leaf an Unfound Door LP+DVD

From Behind The Mountain Records, Poland

"The way of the South" has resonated through southern music for generations and "the way", it seems, for southern metal bands is often raw, to-the-point, unfiltered expression; unflinching delivery oozing with conviction. The southern bands just mean it a bit more. And in that tradition, like EYEHATEGOD and BUZZOV-EN before them, RWAKE fucking "mean it" and don't care what you think. Rwake​ 12" Maryland Deathfest X performance from 2012. 12" Vinyl and DVD combo pack. Limited to 463 copies on multiple color vinyl, with screen preinted artwork. Including David Hall's surreal live concert movie. "A Stone, A Leaf an Unfound Door."

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